Our unique 1 to 1 program is the easiest and fastest way to become a contractor for your chosen council. Let the professionals handle your application and be assured your investment is safe with our 100% success guarantee!

Why choose our consulting service:

✅ Experienced tender writer will do all the work for you, from start to finish.

✅ Free consultation and assessment – find out if you can be accepted as a contractor before you spend any money.

✅ 1 to 1 service – you get an expert to work with you, explain all parts of the process, as well as provide help and advice.

✅ We have a 100% success rate with our applications!*

✅ 100% SUCCESS GUARANTEE – we will work with you until you get accepted!**

How does it work:

  • 1 to 1 – you get allocated an Expert and start with a free consultation

  • Before we start, we will choose a council you want to apply to and make sure you are eligible

  • We then sign a consulting agreement and get to work

  • We do all the legal writing for you, from start to finish

  • At all times everything is done for your company/your name – so once done, YOU have all the rights and are the contractor

  • We provide help and advice with fulfilling all the requirements

  • Our prices start from £499+VAT. You will get an exact quote after your free consultation – this depends on the council and the work/time required to complete the application. The process varies for different councils.

  • Once you get accepted and get access to school runs contracts and other taxi jobs, we can offer you our training courses and information packs at heavily discounted prices. You can learn how to secure great jobs (bidding strategy), run the business, hire drivers etc.


    Which licence(s) do you hold?

    How do you currently work?

    Have you done any school runs or similar contract work before?
    This includes driving for a company or another person who is a contractor.

    “Excellent service and a great experience – I could never have done this alone!”

    English is not my first language, and to write official documents is very difficult for me. When I saw the application I thought I can never do this successfully, it was very complicated.

    I then found Taxi Contracts and decided to use the 1 to 1 service. Great choice. I got an expert to work with me from start to finish, write everything for me, and all I had to do is provide details of me and my business. They also made sure I understand everything, like data protection policy or contingency plan, everything was explained to me and now I’m happy working my my council – no problems!

    Petrea B.

    London, July 2021

    * Yes, we have a 100% success rate with applicants who fulfil requirements (this for example means having a healthy financial situation, no criminal record etc.). We will discuss it during the consultation. Be honest with us from the start to avoid disappointment.

    **T&C’s apply. If your application gets refused because of you failing to provide required documents, having a criminal record etc., then this guarantee does not apply as it’s out of our hands. Our Expert will explain how it all works during your free consultation.